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Master Mindset

We are not another network, guru, app, group, or even website.  Welcome to a Human Being Collective: doing as good people do,  creating & sharing systems in the quest to master The Art of Living

Real Conversation

Weekly 1-on-1 conversations to share ideas & spawn growth with fellow peers. The power of intentional conversation with growth minded people is real. See Ryan Holiday's, "The Canvas Strategy"

Value Collaboration

Witness the amazing catalyst of Reciprocal Intelligence. When ideas mate (ie. the phone mated w/ TV and gave us the internet) innovation is born. Come to our IdeaParty & play 

The Collective Brain Game

True Contribution

Whether it's with your family, at work, on your block, in your bank account, with your relationships, or to yourself - we will challenge you to find meaningful contribution and share your gifts with the world

Above the Clouds

Mission Driven.

Systems Oriented.

Execution Focused.


True Wealth =

Time + Happiness + Human Connection

GrowthCrafters - A Trusted Reciprocal Network It Pays To Be In
Conversation -> Collaboration -> Contribution -> Grow -> Repeat

As Charles Darwin once wrote, a tribe of people living as a trusting reciprocal community, who "were always ready to aid one another, and to sacrifice themselves for the common good, would be victorious over most other tribes; and this would be natural selection." 

Brandon & Kevin

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